Relaxation Facial
45 min $70

Shiny Star Studio Relaxation Facial is designed to pamper and relax. The relaxation facial will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with your skin glowing and you feeling just wonderful.

Comprehensive skin analysis, double cleansing massage, extract whiteheads or blackheads, epidermal exfoliation, deep relaxation massage of the face, neck, and décolleté in order to manipulate your muscles and facial tissue, followed by a full treatment mask Which will be targeted to your specific skin type, hydrating eye treatment, and finished with a protective facial treatment cream.

Clear Skin Teen Treatment
30 min $40

An express Shiny Star Studio skincare treatment that specifically addresses the hormonal imbalances of a teenage skin with a focus on deeply cleansing the skin, gentle extractions and enough hydration balance but strong enough to see serious results.

AHA Treatment Facial
45 min $80

Shiny Star Studio AHA Treatment has all the highlights of a relaxation facial, enhanced with the powerful benefits of our GlyMed Plus Professional age-defying AHA’s and botanical antioxidants to actively target and promote healing and regeneration to all skin conditions; including ageing, pigmentation, acne, dehydration, sensitive and reactive skins. this facial actively fights the signs of skin ageing and injury while repairing and renewing your skin, leaving it balanced, fresh and gorgeously glowing!

DermaSound Facial
90 min $110

Experience amplified results with our DermaSound™ Ultrasonic Technology! Excellent for all skin types.

This customized facial deeply cleans and exfoliates the skin without trauma or inflammation, and penetrates and assists in transporting essential nutrients to your skin cells and increases cell energy, skin metabolism and healing for the more younger-acting skin.

All facial treatments are designed to target and eliminate your specific skin concerns. Exclusively tailored to your skin type, we help you choose the most beneficial treatment for you, ensuring maximum results.

Calming Results – for red, sensitive and rosacea

 Purifying Results – for acne, oily, problematic and congested

Hydration Results – for dry and dehydrated skin

Youthful Results – for ageing skin and ageing prevention

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